Germany top destination for fugitive Gülenists

Published 02.06.2016 00:00
Updated 02.06.2016 11:51

As police operations continue against the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), considered a national threat by the National Security Council (MGK), sources from the Interior Ministry stated that an increasing number of Gülenist fugitives continue to flee from Turkey to escape interrogation and that Germany is their most common destination.

The MGK underlined the efforts in the fight against FETÖ. Following the recent MGK meeting, comprehensive operations were conducted by security forces with the help of a coordination committee created to fight against the "parallel state." Sources from the Interior Ministry stated that senior Gülenist figures have fled the country one-by-one through illegal means. According to sources, Gülenist fugitives mostly fled to Frankfurt, considered the headquarters of FETÖ. Sources indicated that as of May, 141 members had fled Germany. Furthermore, the Gülenist fugitives settle and reside in the city through a company established in Frankfurt.

The second popular destination for members of FETÖ is the U.K. where 102 senior Gülenist figures have fled. Moreover, 21 fugitives are believed to be in Sweden. Meanwhile, many senior Gülenist figures have fled to the U.S. using Germany as a transit point.

Aiming to reshape political institutions, conspire against the Turkish state and wiretap thousands of people, FETÖ is regarded as one of the most dangerous organizations in Turkey. However, important information about the location of the FETÖ archives has been gathered: The notorious organization is hiding their archives in Philadelphia in the U.S. and Vancouver, Canada.

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