German media rejects Turkish ads on 1915 incidents

Published 03.06.2016 01:39

According to a statement released by the Turkish-German Solidarity Platform, the press release issued by Turkish nongovernmental organizations protesting the "Armenian Genocide" resolution in the German parliament on June 2 was rejected by German newspapers. While German media outlets have criticized Turkey over freedom of expression, the latest move, which included the omission of the statement concerning 3 million Turks in Germany, drew strong criticism.

Germany's leading newspapers, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Welt and Der Tagesspiegel refused to print the press release, while Der Tagesspiegel initially agreed to publish the statement but later indicated it will not be published. Metropol FM, a popular radio channel broadcasting in Turkish, included an announcement about the public meeting organized by the Turkish community in the news section, but did not mention the protest statement. The Berlin Metro also changed its mind about hanging posters announcing the meeting in metro stations due to posters titled "Genocide Lie."

The press release by the Turkish-German Solidarity Platform said the bill regarding the "commemoration of the genocide of Armenian and other Christian minorities in the years 1915 and 1916," which was approved on Wednesday by the Federal Assembly of Germany, will be unrecognized by the platform. The statement further stressed that the Federal Assembly is not authorized to make a decision about such historical debates, which has also been reflected by the European Court of Human Rights. The press release indicated that the incidents took place during World War I and needs to be evaluated in terms of scientific, historical and legal terms as well as by an objective and international organization instead of the German parliament. Stressing that Turkey had already made a request about 10 years ago to launch an investigation by an objective history committee and that Germany has not taken any supporting actions thus far, the solidarity urged German deputies to object to the resolution. The platform added that they will not let such genocide debates cause hatred or hostility between the Turkish and the Armenian nations.

The Turkish-German Solidarity Platform consisting of Turkish nongovernmental organizations in Germany held a public meeting on June 2, with the participation of the Turkish artists Uğur Işılak, Cengiz Özkan and Cem Çelebi.

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