NATO's İldem: Turkey crucial in alliance meetings

Published 17.06.2016 22:34

NATO Assistant Secretary-General Tacan İldem spoke at the high-level advisory panel, "NATO in a World of Disorder" on Friday, held by The German Marshall Fund of the United States, in cooperation with NATO's Public Diplomacy Division in Ankara. The publication, "NATO in a World of Disorder: Making the Alliance Ready for Warsaw," summarizes the general view and findings of the panel and formulates a set of actionable recommendations for the upcoming summit, which will take place on July 8-9.

İldem said: "NATO appreciates Turkey as a very important ally with its substantial contributions. NATO always counts on the contributions of Turkey, Turkey can count on NATO as well." He added that there are other measures and certain defense plans that NATO is working on, adding that "Turkey's concerns and security requirements are also in the core of the discussions at NATO."

On the panel, Ambassador Basat Öztürk from the Foreign Ministry said that NATO should not be tolerant to terrorist organizations without making any discrimination between terrorists. Explaining that Turkey needs to revive its relations with Russia, he said: "NATO should be neither arrogant nor apologetic in dialogue with Russia." Speaking of the current role of NATO, Öztürk said: "NATO is not a simple toolbox to be resorted to only for military contributions, but it is also important in alliance made of shared values."

A member of the Polish Foreign Ministry, Dr. Przemyslaw Zurawski vel Grajewski, said: "Russia's international intervention in many areas should be taken into account." He also advised NATO members not to allow themselves to be divided by all these challenges, but rather to focus on their basic interests.

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