Transsexual singer Bülent Ersoy attends iftar dinner hosted by President Erdoğan

Published 20.06.2016 00:00
Updated 20.06.2016 12:41
Turkish singer Bülent ErsoyL talks with President ErdoğanC-L and his wife EmineC-R at an iftar dinner held in Istanbul on June 20, 2016. AA Photo
Turkish singer Bülent Ersoy(L) talks with President Erdoğan(C-L) and his wife Emine(C-R) at an iftar dinner held in Istanbul on June 20, 2016. (AA Photo)

Bülent Ersoy, a transsexual and one of Turkey's most popular singers, was among the guests invited to an iftar dinner organized by the Presidency on Sunday.

Turkey's beloved diva Ersoy met President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and First Lady Emine Erdoğan with many other Turkish actresses and singers at the dinner held for the country's artists and athletes.

Addressing the guests, Erdoğan said the artists and athletes will help building the country's cultural and sports infrastructure to carry Turkey to its 2023 goals, adding that those people should support their own country for a better future.

Ersoy gained international notoriety in 1981 after having sex reassignment surgery in London by a British plastic surgeon. The diva's transgender status, sense of fashion, talent, and successful relationship with the media has given Ersoy iconic status in Turkey.

She is quite a popular public figure in the country and has become a symbol for the increased tolerance for LGBT figures in Turkey over the years.

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