MHP leader Bahçeli: Sunday's emergency convention invalid

Published 21.06.2016 23:28

Speaking at the opposition Nationalist Movement Party's (MHP) group meeting on Tuesday, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli criticized the validity of the emergency convention held on June 19. "In order to change the party regulations, two-thirds of the total members has to be there. Eight-hundred-and-nine members' votes are needed to change our party's regulations," Bahçeli said. Six-hundred-fifty-six members were present at the emergency convention.

He claimed liming that the number of deputies present at the convention was uncertain: "The day after the convention, the 13th Notary of Ankara barely certified that 656 deputies were present. Thirteen articles were changed without knowing who voted in favor of what." He Called the convention "a vile action and a first in the MHP's 70 years of history," and said that it would be "unconsciousness" to claim that the party regulations have changed. He said, "Do not rise to the bait of Pennsylvania. Let's sort this out among ourselves."

Answering questions about whether Bahçeli will take disciplinary action or not concerning dissident candidates, Bahçeli said that the media will turn them into heroes if he expels them from the party. "What is necessary will be done when necessary," Bahçeli said, mostly referring to Meral Akeşener. Regarding the membership of Sinan Oğan, he said: "The MHP has already expelled this person. If the Supreme Court states otherwise until July 10, his membership will be renewed.

"The party lawyers had stated that no further lawsuits were going to be filed." When asked if he will wait for an annulment decision from the Supreme Court concerning the changes to the bylaw, he responded: "We might have some surprises, just wait for a while."Dismissing the June 19 convention as something that some members held on their own, Bahçeli said that he is waiting to see everyone at the next emergency convention on July 10.

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