President Erdoğan: Gülen Movement 'broken like a glass palace'

Published 22.06.2016 20:06
Updated 22.06.2016 20:08

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on Tuesday that the Gülen Movement in Turkey had been broken into pieces like a "glass palace."

"We saw and are seeing the fate of the betrayal gang, which was called the 'Gülen Movement,' " Erdoğan told representatives from nongovernmental organization at an iftar (fast-breaking) dinner in Ankara.

Gülenists headed by Fetullah Gülen, a U.S.-based retired imam who runs a network of schools and commercial enterprises in Turkey and around the world, the movement involves an allegedly clandestine group of Turkish bureaucrats and senior officials.

They have been accused of working in state institutions, including the judiciary and the police, in an attempt to overthrow the government.

Erdoğan said nongovernmental organizations strongly support Turkey in its fight against terrorist organizations and the Gülen Movement.

"I expect you to be in solidarity [with us] in other fields also," he told the representatives.

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