UNHCR rep hails Turkey's refugee efforts

Published 25.06.2016 00:52

The U.N. Refugee Agency's (UNHCR) Turkey representative said Thursday that "political solutions" are needed to resolve the crisis.

Pascale Moreau, addressing the refugee rights subcommittee at Parliament in Ankara, said: "Until we have reached a political solution, all countries with refugees should be treated in solidarity and the burden should be shared fairly."

Moreau stated: "One in every 113 people is a refugee. It is a disaster for us. The UNHCR appreciates Turkey's welcoming not only Syrian refugees but also [those] from other nations."

"Turkey has shown remarkable commitment and engagement in dealing with such huge numbers which can only be managed in the long term through the development of solid national interlinked policies. Until solutions are available, major refugee hosting countries such as Turkey need more international solidarity and more equitable responsibility-sharing. In this context, and the world's largest refugee hosting country, it will be vital that Turkey is represented at the highest level at the forthcoming Secretary General's Global Compact on responsibility sharing on 19 September during the General Assembly," he said.

"Turkey should review its national policies to remain active for a long time. It will contribute to a solution of the question globally if the countries having a large number of refugees … become more active," he added.

Turkey, which now hosts the world's largest refugee population, currently shelters some 1.9 million people, of which Syrians account for 62 percent,according to a recent report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) released on June 20.

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