Top coup general Semih Terzi's wife caught trying to transfer assets

Published 27.08.2016 14:15
Updated 27.08.2016 14:21
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The wife of late putschist Brigadier General Semih Terzi, who was one of the leading figures of the brutal coup attempt on July 15 was caught red-handed as she was trying to transfer her assets to third parties at a notary public office in Ankara.

Nazire Terzi, the wife of Gen. Semih Terzi, who was killed by Sergeant Ömer Halisdemir outside the headquarters of Special Forces Command, which Terzi was about to take over with other coup troops on the night of July 15, rushed to a notary public office in Ankara after the failed coup attempt to transfer her assets to third parties, to avoid confiscation over their relations with the Gülenist terror-cult (FETÖ).

Notary public's clerk Kerem Sağlıklı realized the identity of Nazire Terzi as she was filing a request to transfer her assets to a third party and refused to process her request and kicked her out of the office.

Many Gülenists involved in the coup attempt have tried to transfer millions of dollars to third parties, and have fled the country following the failure of the putsch.

A consortium of finance, internal affairs and justice ministries is also working to block the accounts of more than 4,000 FETÖ-affiliated companies and confiscating their properties including their safe deposit boxes on the grounds that they financed terrorists.

Properties such as land, parcels and houses that were transferred to other individuals after the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 operations will be confiscated by the Turkish state.

The killing of Terzi was a major blow to the putschists and their operation, who intended to bring more special forces to major cities during their attempted coup.

On July 15, 246 people were killed, including 62 police officers and 179 civilians, while 1,500 others were injured.

Ömer Halisdemir, the brave soldier who was killed by pro-coup soldiers after he shot Terzi dead, is recognized as one of the main heroes of July 15.

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