AK Party deputy chair: Yıldırım to take key post after Erdoğan's return to party


Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Hayati Yazıcı stated on Tuesday that the bylaws of the party will be changed and a "vice-chairmanship" position will be formed to allow Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım to become second-in-command after President Erdoğan's return.

The AK Party held a meeting in order to amend the party's code prior to the extraordinary congress that will take place on May 21. Responding to questions before the meeting, Yazıcı informed the press of new bylaws that will determine Yıldırım's new position.

On Tuesday, the AK Party's deputy chairman in charge of organizations, Mustafa Ataş, touched upon a possible amendment to the party's bylaws, saying: "An amendment to the party's bylaws is currently not on the agenda but there are a few matters we are currently working on. However, we are waiting for the return of President [Erdoğan] to finalize those amendments." In regards to making changes to bylaws, Ataş further added that "There may be an amendment to establish a vice-chairmanship position. The issue, along with other party-related matters, will be amended once they have been discussed with President Erdoğan."

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