Turkey to build observation towers along Syrian border

Published 06.10.2017 20:19

Turkey has recently started construction of observation towers along its border with Syria in an effort to increase border security. Following the construction of a 688-kilometer (427-mile) wall, 21 towers are expected to be built for border control and threat detection.

Ankara has accelerated its effort to increase border security, an aspect of the utmost importance in preventing terrorists from crossing the border into Turkey. After the border wall's completion, observation towers will be built to provide more effective security. The wall built by the Mass Housing Development Administration of Turkey (TOKİ) along the Syrian border is the third-longest wall in the world. Recently, TOKİ started construction on a 144-kilometer wall on the country's border with Iran.

Due to its 911-kilometer border with war-torn Syria, Turkey has been facing security threats along its borders. The new wall has effectively decreased the cases of smuggling and illegal crossings, military sources say.

The towers are reportedly to be spaced 10 kilometers apart from each other on the wall. Each will have a team of 10 soldiers. The towers will be designed to provide high security for the soldiers staying in them.

The project is considered essential to prevent illegal crossings and terrorist infiltration. Twenty-one towers will be built along the border in the provinces of Gaziantep and Kilis. Eighteen of the towers will be located on the Kilis-Gaziantep border front and three will be situated on the Gaziantep-Karkamış border front.

Additionally, Ankara plans to build paths for the safe passage of soldiers along the wall. Through these secure passageways, soldiers stationed on the wall will be able to reach safe zones and respond to threats more effectively.

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