Treasury to provide nearly TL 300M in assistance to parties

Published 23.10.2017 20:55

The Undersecretary of the Treasury will provide TL 273.8 million ($73.9 million) to political parties in accordance with their voting rate in the context of the Political Parties Act.

Reportedly, the Undersecretary of the Treasury will pay TL 273.8 million to political parties in the framework of its annual payments to the parties pursuant to the Political Parties Act. According to the budget submitted to Parliament, monetary assistance provided to the political parties will increase by TL 39.1 million in 2018.

Accordingly, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will receive TL 139.1 million, and the Republican People's Party (CHP) will receive TL 71.2 million. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the People's Democracy Party (HDP) will get TL 33.3 million and 25.8 million, respectively. In 2017, TL 119.3 million was paid to the AK Party. The CHP and MHP received TL 61 million and 28.5 million, respectively. The HDP got TL 25.8 million. As the MHP's 12.03 voter percentage rated higher than the HDP's 10.56 percent in the November 2015 elections, it will be paid an additional TL 7.5 million.

Pursuant to the Political Parties Act, the Undersecretary of the Treasury provides monetary assistance to political parties that have passed the 10 percent election threshold. The Undersecretary of the Treasury also provides monetary assistance to parties that have obtained 3 percent of the votes in proportion to the party receiving the minimum monetary assistance.

Monetary assistance is provided to parties at the rate of two divided by 5,000 of the total general budget income. The monetary assistance paid to the parties is determined by the party's voter rating in the latest election. It is doubled in years of local elections and tripled in years of general elections. In years of a referendum, political parties do not receive further aid except for the monetary assistance paid by the Undersecretary of the Treasury.

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