Denk presents question to Dutch parliament on racism


The Dutch-Turkish Denk Party recently placed a parliamentary question for the country's Justice and Security Ministry after a Moroccan woman and her child reportedly faced racial attacks for wearing the hijab.

In a statement yesterday the party confirmed that it has presented a parliamentary question in regard to the incident that took place in Alkmaar last week. Reports claimed that unidentified individuals allegedly threw human excrement at the 43-year-old Muslim woman while shouting "damned Muslims."

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Farid Azarkan, a deputy of the Denk Party, said the Dutch parliament should step up its effort against acts of racism and discrimination in order to provide a safe environment for everyone in the Netherlands.

"Unfortunately, hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise in the country, which proves that a hostile attitude against Muslims is also increasing. This is a dangerous situation nut just for the victims but for the society too," Azarkan said.

The Denk Party was formed in 2015 by two Dutch lawmakers of Turkish origins, Tunahan Kuzu and Selçuk Öztürk, following their expulsion from the Labor Party because of their opposition to its integration policies.

In the latest Dutch elections, the party attracted votes from expatriate Turks as well as from people of various backgrounds opposing discrimination and racism.

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