Turkish Jews feel sorrow over Israeli attack on Palestinians


Israel's recent violence towards Palestinians gained reaction from all over the world, including the Turkish Jews who expressed that they feel great sorrow over the incidents.

"We are following the incidents in Gaza with a great sorrow, wishing for all of these pains that emerged from years-long insolubility to be solved with an understanding and responsibility of there is no way other than peace while praying for peace," said Turkish Chief Rabbinate Foundation, known also as Turkish Jews Society, on their Twitter account.

Previously, on Dec.6, the day that the U.S. took the decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, the foundation shared on its social media that they pray for universal peace for the whole world.

"We hope for every step to establish permanent peace in the Middle East to be taken with sensitivity and broad vision and pray for universal peace to be supreme in our world," the tweet said.

Turkish Chief Rabbinate Foundation is an Istanbul-based Jewish foundation that is founded by Turkish Jews.

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