French foreign fighters to be transferred to France via US

Published 09.02.2019 00:02

French foreign fighters in Syria, a majority of whom were members of the Daesh terror group, may be repatriated to France via U.S. Special Forces.

According to an article published on the French website of BFM TV, around 150 French Daesh fighters are now in the custody of another terrorist group, the PKK-affiliated People's Protection Units (YPG), following the weakening of Daesh.

The article states that French authorities have been trying to transfer its nationals, including children, from Syria. Although the details of the transfer are not clear due to the unstable conditions in Syria, the plan is to bring them back to France in two phases.

A plane carrying Fren

ch nationals is expected to land on French soil in a few weeks, to be followed by another plane that will land two weeks after that. The plan, however, will be implemented by the U.S., if everything goes as planned.

However, it has also been reported that the French government has not made its final decision on the matter yet.

Some of these French nationals are known members of Daesh who were responsible for several terrorist attacks within France.

Adrien Guihal, for instance, is known for his involvement in the Magnanville and Nice attacks, while Quentin Le Brun is known for his propaganda activities for Daesh.

Those being sought with an international arrest warrant are expected to be delivered to an anti-terrorism unit to be indicted, while the others are expected to be held in custody.

Afterwards, each case is expected to be handled individually while repatriated children will be cared for by social services, according to the article.

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