Red Crescent prepares 3-step plan for east of Euphrates

Published 21.02.2019 00:05

The Turkish Red Crescent is preparing a three-step plan for humanitarian assistance when the time comes for Turkey's military operation east of the Euphrates in Syria.

According to the plan, the Red Crescent will contribute to the evacuation of civilians from conflict zones, increase dialogue to prevent the possible cutting of flow of humanitarian aid to the region and finally develop shelters to avoid new refugee flows to Turkey.

Speaking to reporters on the issue yesterday, the head of the organization Kerem Kınık said that their priority is to protect civilians from any possible negative effects of a military operation.

"There are approximately 4 million people living in northern Syria right now and we are regularly providing humanitarian aid to them," Kınık said.

In 2018, the Red Crescent sent 100,000 tents to Syria, enabling 1 million Syrians to have shelters. The organization also formed 30 camps in northern Syria, where 150,000 people live.

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