Erdoğan: Turkey continues to be hope for all

Published 04.06.2019 00:12

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Monday that the country will continue to pursue its future goals with all of its citizens and remain a hope for people with its democracy and economy despite attacks on them.

"Turkey continues to be hope for all its friends and mankind although it is exposed to terror attacks, blockades and traps while standing tall with its democracy and economy," Erdoğan said in his Ramadan Bayram message.

Emphasizing the Muslims around the world who are under persecution and suffering from poverty, Erdoğan expressed his wishes that Ramadan Bayram be a relief for the Islamic world.

"It is our desire that not only our citizens but also all Muslims and entire mankind enjoy Eid in its true spirit," he said.

The president said that the world has been going through substantial change, adding that Turkey is ready to resist this critical period with all of its strength.

"Thanks to the investments we made, projects we carried out and services we delivered in the last 17 years, Turkey is now in a position to turn this period into an opportunity," he said.

Stressing that Turkey will continue to march toward its 2023 goals with everyone "who believes in Turkey, pins their faith on the Turkish nation, trusts in Turkey's freedom and future."

"We will get our country out of this predicament by being united, great, strong and brothers with our 82 million citizens in 81 provinces and with our brothers and sisters living abroad, by being Turkey together. The greatest contribution we can make to our children is to leave them a great, powerful and prosperous Turkey, where they can realize the visions for 2053 and 2071," Erdoğan underlined.

The president also made a call to drivers, who are on the road on the occasion of Ramadan Bayram, "to be careful, follow the rules and not risk their own lives and the lives of their loved ones."

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