Anatolian Unity Party founded as first new political party of 2020

Published 22.01.2020 14:38
Updated 22.01.2020 14:39

The first political party of 2020, the Anatolian Unity Party (ABP), founded by businessman Bedri Yalçın, has officially become the 82nd political party in Turkey.

Led by the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) dissident Yalçın, ABP has submitted its application to become a political party on Jan. 2.

According to Gazete Duvar daily, there is already an association named Anatolian Unity Association, and as Yalçın stated, ABP is an attempt to bring the activities of the group to a further level.

"We decided to take our activity in this association to the next level by forming a party (in relation to the association). We want to complete the organizational structure of the party as soon as possible and carry on with our endeavors by establishing regional administrations in seven regions," said Yalçın, referring to the seven geographical divisions of Turkey.

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