December statistics


With the new year well underway, it is time to cast a final look at December 2016 to find out which news categories were at the forefront when it comes to capturing the readers' interest. Since there was no Reader's Corner in last Monday's paper, there were only four top 10 lists to draw from this time, compared to October's five. The format stays the same as previous months so let's take a look at how the categories and sub-categories stand.

The past month did not bring many surprises as Politics dominated its position on top thanks to the number of news articles submitted and readers' interest. There were 14 entries in the Politics category and 12 of them were also listed under a sub-category.

The leader was the "War on Terror" category with eight entries, two less compared to the previous month. But, considering the number of entries are also 10 less this time, it is safe to say that War on Terror stories were more prominent this time around, probably due to a number of terror attacks in Turkey and the country's increasing efforts in Syria to stop Daesh. Diplomacy had three entries to its name while EU Affairs had one.

This time the second place changed hands as the "World" category made its cut with six news articles to the list. Its sub-categories had six articles to their names, as Europe had three, the Syrian Crisis had two articles and Americas had one.

On the other hand, the "Turkey" category, which ranked second last month, saw five entries. Four of those were without a sub-category while one was under Istanbul.

"Business," this time round did not have to share its third place with others, thanks to its four articles, one of which was without a sub-category while two was in the Economy section and the last one was on technology.

Meanwhile, Life closely followed Business with three additions to its list and could not manage to jointly claim the third place like last month. Two of the news articles were without sub-categories but the remaining feature article was aptly listed under the Feature sub-category.

In the Columns section, which had three articles, İbrahim Kalın continued his steady presence in the top 10 list just like last month, while Ragıp Soylu and İlnur Çevik also made an appearance with their respective articles.

Next was a category that was not present last month. The Sports section managed to see two of their news articles on the list and both of them were listed under the "Football" category, which was hardly a surprise, considering it is the most popular sport in the country.

In addition, Arts managed to maintain its position despite the less overall entry. Similar to the previous month, it had its only entry listed in the "Cinema" sub-category.

Last but not the least "The Editorial Board" made the cut with an article titled "Turkey should wipe out PKK nests in Kobani and Afrin."

Despite a fall in the number of overall entries by 10, because there were only four Reader's Corner issues, the overall diversity of the main categories in the top 10 lists seems to have increased. This indicates the reader's attention was more or less spread throughout Daily Sabah's website, even though their eyes lingered on some of the categories much longer than the others.

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