Same names, different rankings in July

Published 30.07.2017 21:02 Modified 30.07.2017 21:02

With another month behind us, we look at the top-10 most read lists of July to gauge reader interest. With news articles of four weeks as our pool, it seems that this month was largely affected by the articles on surprising events such as the record rainfall and hail storm in Istanbul. The busy foreign affairs agenda along with developments around the world were other deciding factors. Let's get right to it.

Adding another leading place under its belt, Politics was at the forefront with 13 articles, making July its fourth consecutive month as the leader. When we look at its sub-categories, Diplomacy seems to be the most popular with five entries, followed by the War on Terror with three articles. Four of the entries lacked a sub-category, although the remaining article belonged in the EU Affairs section.

In second place, we have a new face as World managed to overtake two categories compared to last month with eight articles. All of the entries also had a sub-category, with MidEast and Syrian Crisis sharing first place with three articles apiece. The remaining two entries were equally distributed between the sub-categories Americas and Asia Pacific, with the last one making a rare appearance.

National news was in third place by a very small margin as the Turkey category had seven news articles. Not surprisingly, four of those entries are under the sub-category of Istanbul while the remaining three were listed under Turkey without a further classification.

Business came fourth this month, increasing its number of entries by two, as July had five of them. The Defense and Tourism sub-categories had two articles each while the remaining entry was listed under Economy.

Life maintained its fifth place from last month along with its number of entries with four articles. Its History and Feature sub-categories each made an appearance with a single entry while the remaining two were listed without a sub-category.

Columns were down one article this month with two entries. Those articles were by İbrahim Kalın and Ragıp Soylu, who are both frequent names on our top-10 most read list.

The final entry is under the Arts category. Although it was a rare appearance last month, continuing its presence is commendable considering the ratio of the category compared to all of Daily Sabah. Its sub-category was listed as Portrait.

For the past two years, each of the figures from these assessment articles are collected and analyzed, allowing us to determine our readers' interests when it comes to our website. Hopefully we will bring you a more comprehensive analysis in the future in Reader's Corner with the data collected as planned. Next month, we will also have five top-10 lists to draw from. This will also show whether the trends of the past couple months survive in a larger pool.

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