New categories make top-10 list in October


Despite being a week behind schedule, the review of October's top-10 list is here and, apart from the obvious changes in the order of categories on the list, the top category remained unchanged due to the recent diplomatic crisis between the U.S. and Turkey, as revealed in the number of entries in the related subcategories that made it on the list.

First up is the "Politics" category with 15 articles – a repeat of the August results – which took a slight dip from the previous month's 17 entries. "Politics" is still equal to the three categories that followed it, in terms of the number of articles, making it clearly nothing to sniff at.

"Diplomacy" was the leading subcategory of October with 13 pieces, making it the clear focus of the month, which should come as no surprise considering the said diplomatic crisis mentioned above. Comparatively, the only other subcategory that managed to get an article on the list was "EU Affairs," with a single entry. Another single-entry piece that had no sub-category was also listed under the "Politics" category.

Coming in second place, the "Business" category had six entries on the list in October, making quite a jump from its place in fifth from the previous month. Only one entry from the "Business" category was listed without a subcategory, compared to the subcategories of "Defense" and "Economy" with two articles on the list, respectively. The remaining entry went to "Finance."

The next category on the list was "Turkey," which enjoyed increased attention compared to the month of September. Among its five entries on the list, only one entry was listed in a subcategory, "Investigations," while the remaining four entries were listed only under the "Turkey" category.

Naturally, all of these changes in terms of placement mean that other categories were affected by the shift, as well. Coming in fourth place in October, the "Life" category" moved down one place compared to its previous spot in third in the month of September. On the other hand, the number of entries in this category changed by one entry only, showing that this category has a sustainable position when it comes to attention from our readers. All four entries in this category were listed under the subcategory of "History," an ever-popular subject of Daily Sabah.

The "World" and "Columns" categories tied for fifth place in the month of October, each with three entries apiece. In the former's category, two articles belonged to the subcategory of "Europe" and one was listed under "Mid East." Comparatively, the "Columns" category made a strong comeback after having disappeared from the list in the previous month. The three entries on the list belonged to Beril Dedeoğlu, İlnur Çevik and Yahya Bostan.

The "Sports" category also made an appearance in October with two articles, both of which belonged to the subcategory of "Football," showing the prominent role sports plays in the country.

Another surprise in October was in the "Opinion" category, with a single entry. The piece included on the list was written by the Editorial Board and was penned about the diplomatic crisis, as well.

While the number of different sub-categories was lower in October compared to the overall trend, the changes in placement and new names on the list managed to make the results interesting. Notably, the appearance of the "Opinion" category came as a nice surprise, and it is our hope that the category is here to stay, despite the fact that it will have a harder time in accomplishing this due to the lower number of Opinion pieces published in the paper compared to the number of news articles published in other categories. Nevertheless, diversity is always welcomed.

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