Change in leadership in November


With 2017 almost over, we have seen some big changes in the composition of the top 10 lists on the website of Daily Sabah during the month of November. Leadership changed hands for the first time after several months with new categories and subcategories emerging for the first time, making this month's reader interest a varied one. Another point worth noting is that this month, we drew from 50 entries in the top 10 lists instead of the usual 40. Without further ado let us get right to it.

First place belongs to the category of "Life" for the first time since we started these monthly article series. This was due to 14 news articles that also managed to include a variety of subcategories instead of focusing on a single event or trend. The leading subcategory is "History" with seven entries, continuing its popularity without missing a single month for a long time now. Next up is "Health" and "Science" with two news articles apiece followed by "Religion" and "Travel" with single entries for both. The remaining news article was listed without a subcategory.

Second place did not change this month as "Business" held firm in its place while increasing its total entries with nine news articles to its name. "Defense" was the leading subcategory with four entries, while "Automotive," "Energy," and "Finance" all had a single news article listed under them, so there are definitely new subcategories we see for the first time here. The last two entries were only listed under "Business."

A shared spot comes up for third place in November. "Politics" had eight entries and apart from one, all of the remaining seven possessed a subcategory. "Diplomacy" is in the lead with five news articles, while "War on Terror" had two appearances in the top 10 lists. Sharing third place and moving up from the last month's fifth place, "World" also had eight news articles this month. All of them had a subcategory with "Middle East" at five entries and "Americas" at two. The remaining news article belonged to "Asia-Pacific."

"Turkey" is the next with six entries. "Istanbul" and "Ankara" each had a single news article to represent the subcategories, while the remaining four were only listed under "Turkey."

"Columns" also made an appearance this month with two articles, one belonging to Hakkı Öcal and the other one by Emre Gönen. Both are relatively new names in the top 10 lists of Daily Sabah so I extend my congratulations.

The remaining three articles were shared evenly between three categories. The entries of "Sports" and "Arts" were listed without a subcategory while an "Opinion" article belonged to the "Op-Ed" subcategory, another surprising but welcome addition to the lists due to their comparatively low overall content.

The steady rise of interest in the "Life" category over the fall months finally culminated into the top spot for November. Although we could credit the "History" subcategory for success in the previous months, it is clear that the addition of four new subcategories is what made the last push to the top spot possible. I congratulate our Lifestyle Editor and Web Editors for contributing to the growth of this category. Hopefully we will see even more variety in the following months with different categories taking the spotlight as diversity is always welcome.

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