Webnak transforms modern trucking

Published 19.08.2017 00:00
Webnak transforms modern trucking

Investor Hasan Aslanoba has come up with a solution that helps truck drivers find, pick up and deliver freight. But, instead of waiting at designated spots for customers, both parties can now find each other easily through an app called "Webnak"

As digital solutions change the traditional ideas of doing business, Turkey's logistics and trucking industries have become the latest to join the tech revolution.

Traditionally, truck drivers in Turkey work like small businesses and did not have any alternatives to waiting for customers at designated truck garages. But, Turkish serial investor and founder of Aslanoba Capital, Hasan Aslanoba, wanted to change that tradition, which can often be inefficient and time-consuming and took the garage to the digital world.

Speaking about his newest initiative, Webnak, a platform for freight carriers and senders, Aslanoba said: "Webnak aims to decrease the workload of different companies by taking an active role in the road haulage business. It is an online transportation platform that helps truckers and customers find each other. By doing so it makes freight carrying and logistics easy, all at the push of a button."

Free membership

Mentoring numerous investments and supporting them as an investor, Hasan Aslanoba, who has already made a name for himself by mentoring a number of investments, said: "Webnak offers free membership for transporters. They can find freight close to their locations anywhere in Turkey. They can track bids initiated by a company or a sender and submit a price using their smartphones. Thanks to our user-friendly application, smartphones have become the truckers' virtual garage."

"Webnak also eliminates problems like running extra miles, waiting at the garage to find customers, payments or difficulties to find a location."

Verified Transporter

In addition to helping truckers find customers or vice versa, Webnak also guarantees safe transport of the freight by maintaining strict standard levels. The drivers are all verified through the platform, and so are their vehicles. Customers are also provided with round the clock tracking information through the app.

Nearest transporter on the map

Webnak helps customers find the nearest transporter on the map and provides direct access to the drivers' contact information, saving valuable time and resources for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs can also evaluate transporters according to their performance by using an in-app points system. Webnak's GPS-based online tracking system brings an end to any trust issues between the transporter and the customer.

Steps customers should follow

1. Register on webnak.com.tr or the "Webnak" mobile app

2. Fill out the "Request Truck" form and you'll instantly have a bid

3. Chose the most suitable offer and the transporter will pick up the freight from the specified location.

4. Let the transport begin. You load will be delivered to the specified address and you'll make the payments directly to Webnak. The app also offers free insurance for freight up to TL 500,000 ($141,595).

Stirring outdoor innovation

Innovation Day, organized by Turkey's first open innovation camp Hack'n Break, will kick off at İzmir Institute of Technology. The event, held until Aug. 26, will host hackathons (software contests), ideathons, StartupTalks, workshops, mentorship sessions and social events.

At the event, Hack'n Break aims to generate ideas that will shape the future world. It was founded to bring the brightest members of different tech entrepreneur groups together and offer a common space for them to interact.

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