Retina scans allow new algorithm to detect heart attack risk


Google's artificial intelligence specialists have developed new software that can detect heart attack risk with a simple retina scan.

According to an article published by Business insider, the new artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Google's scientific research branch Verily Life Science, predicted whether a person is at risk of having a heart attack or any major cardiovascular problem in the next five years just by taking a retina photo of the person.

The research, whose results were published in Nature Biomedical Engineering, first determines whether a person is a cigarette smoker or has a blood pressure problem through his or her retina.

After the algorithm became successful on the first try, it deduced who has a hearth attack risk by scanning retina photographs and medical data of 284,335 patients who previously had cardiovascular problems in the last five years. It has been announced that the algorithm has been successful in 70 percent of cases.

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