Team of Turkish scientists in Antarctica for cancer research

Published 29.03.2018 00:22
Updated 29.03.2018 00:23

Turkish scientists have erected Turkey's first temporary base in Antarctica. Consisting of eight Turkish scientists, one Turkish doctor and one Belgian logistics expert, the Turkish team will carry out a variety of scientific studies over the course of 20 days. As part of the studies, the scientists will heavily focus on cancer treatments through the active ingredients of some local plants.

Turkish scientists will participate in 18 different projects carried out by 83 scientists from 32 universities. The major areas of research are the study of mushrooms on the continent to determine if they can be used for pharmaceutical purposes, the study of plants to determine if they can be used for anti-cancer drugs and the study of minerals on land and in ice.

A documentary crew will follow the Turkish scientists' trip to Antarctica every step of the way. Moreover, Captain Emre Tükenmez, who is also an engineer, will represent and oversee the studies on behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces.

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