Turkish researchers invent method to diagnose cancer through body temperature

Published 17.01.2019 16:05
Updated 17.01.2019 16:10
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Turkish researchers succesfully developed an alternative diagnosis method for cancer that can spot cancerous cells in patients by analyzing body temperature through electric currents and infrared cameras.

The invention of Nevzat Gençer, Cengiz Beşikci and Hamza Feza Carlak — all academics at the Middle East Technical University's (ODTÜ) electrical and electronics engineering department — is seen as an alternative to standard diagnosis methods such as mammography and ultrasonography.

The U.S.-patented "dual-band active thermal imaging technology using multi-frequency currents," can detect cancerous tissues at an early stage by displaying the temperature changes in the human body with infrared cameras commonly used in the defense industry, Gençer told Anadolu Agency.

"Especially in the diagnosis of breast cancer, thyroid and skin cancer, the heat difference created by cancerous tissues can be detected via thermal cameras," Gençer said.

He noted that the technology "makes a difference" in the diagnosis of cancer, adding: "The bigger the tumor, the closer it is to the skin, the higher the performance of the infrared cameras."

Gençer said it is difficult to detect cancerous tissues that are deep and small in size when using conventional thermal scanning methods with an infrared camera.

"We have developed a technology that will overcome this challenge in a genuine way."

Gençer said that the new technology was ready to be used extensively if funding could be secured.

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