Turkish humanoid confident it is smarter than famous Sophia

Published 24.04.2019 00:14

Ada, a humanoid developed by Turkish robot manufacturer, AkınRobotics, met youngsters in Istanbul Tuesday as a part of a Children's Day event.

The humanoid introduced itself and answered different questions asked by the children. Among all the questions, one stood out: "Are you jealous of robot Sophia?" To which Ada said, "Why I should be jealous of her? I am smarter."

Ada, which will serve at the newly built Istanbul Airport, has already appeared in a TV series. The humanoid is said to be one of the most advanced robots ever developed in Turkey. The Mini Ada model of the Ada series can also pull off some dance moves.

Sophia, a humanoid developed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics two years ago, is said to be the advanced humanoid at present. The humanoid is treated like a rock star and causes a stir everywhere it goes. Sophia has traveled around the world, including Turkey, attending talk shows, fairs and a host of other programs.

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