Turkish scientists develop smart diaper to diagnose urinary tract infections in babies

Published 24.04.2019 21:57
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Turkish scientists have developed a "smart diaper" for early diagnosis of urinary tract infections in babies, which can develop into other complications if not diagnosed early on.

The smart diaper was developed by Zeynep Banu Güngör and Özlem Balcı Ekmekçi, professors from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical School's Medical Biochemistry Department along with Pine Baby Care CEO Özcan Arkan, who is an industrial engineer.

Güngör told Anadolu Agency that they have been studying the product, which will alert mothers to signs of a bacterial infection, for a year and a half.

The new product alerts moms to an infection with "a pink indicator on the outer part of the diaper which can be seen easily by everyone," she said.

Güngör said urinary tract infections are one of the most common health problems seen in babies, as in adults, noting that late diagnosis of the infection can result in very serious consequences.

Güngör explained that urine is an important biological specimen that gives a look into a person's health, adding that "the symptoms of a bacterial-induced urinary tract infection can be wrongfully confused with other infections and thus the diagnosis and the treatment can be delayed."

"Late diagnosis of infection can lead to disorders such as lower and upper urinary tract infections, and also to the development of kidney damage" and eventually kidney failure, Güngör said.

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