Serena Williams a big fan of Turkish rugs

Published 31.10.2012 20:36
Updated 31.10.2012 20:38

WTA Istanbul champion Serena Williams celebrated her win by spending 68,000 dollars on five Turkish rugs which she then had sent to both California and Paris.

After an intense WTA Tour, championship winner Serena Williams finally had a chance to tour Istanbul.
On Monday, Serena was joined by her mother Oracene, her physiotherapist and her manager to take part in an open-air bus tour of Istanbul. After the three-hour tour, Serena visited Sultanahmet and went shopping at the Grand Bazaar.

Known for her great love of authentic and silk rugs, Serena paid a special visit to the rug shop Halıca Mağazası in Florya.

The eight-story shop was closed for Serena's exclusive shopping visit where for over two hours the tennis-pro was given a show of over 100 rugs to choose from. A pro at bargaining, Serena was able to bring down the original price of 137,500 for the five silk rugs from Bursa she purchased to 68,750 dollars.

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