World records abound in Istanbul free-diving event

Published 24.06.2019 00:10

Four days of Freediving Indoors European Open Championship hosted by Istanbul ended Sunday with 15 world records broken by participants in total.

The sixth edition of the tournament endorsed by World Underwater Federation (CMAS) was held in Turkey for the first time with participation of 101 divers from 15 countries.

On the last day of the championship held at Olympic Swimming Pool at the Maltepe University, Mikhail Drazdov of Russia won gold in the men's apnea endurance 8x50 meters. Denis Arshanov won bronze in the same category. Drazdov had the world record at 3 minutes, 43 seconds but fellow Russian Evgeni Saurov surpassed him with 3:39 in the same race. Arshanov further dropped it to 3:33 before Drazdov himself broke his own record at 3:25. Like Drazdov, Martina Mongiardiano of Italy saw her record broken in the tournament, in women's apnea endurance. As the record of 4:37 slipped away from her hands and Russia's Anastasya Zhatkina claimed a higher record at 4:33, Mongiardiano tried again and brought it down to 4:32. Italian racer won the championship in her category while Russia's Zhatkina and Evgenia Kozyreva won silver and bronze respectively.

As for Turkish divers, Görkem Gedik came fifth in the European standings in the men's static apnea with 7:37 on the second day of the championship. Derin Toparlak broke the first world record in the tournament in the men's apnea endurance 16x50 meters with 9:27 before Germany's Max Poschart surpassed him with a time of 9:17.

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