Kayaalp looks to reclaim world championship gold

Published 11.09.2019 00:24

Former World and current European champion, wrestler Rıza Kayaalp has set his sights on reclaiming his world championship title.

Kayaalp, who won his ninth European Greco-Roman title in April, will travel to Kazakhstan's Nur-Sultan for the world championship that will open on Sept. 14.

The wrestler took a break from training after recently getting married but he is confident that he will put on a good performance in the world championship.

"I worked hard for three months and barring an injury, I want to win gold and also a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics," said Kayaalp, who missed the podium in last year's world championship due to injury.

"I feel well now and want to participate in the Olympics," he told Demirören News Agency (DHA).

After winning silver in Rio 2016, Kayaalp will be looking to clinch the coveted Olympic gold this time around.

"This might be my last chance," the 29-year-old wrestler said. "You can't comfort yourself saying you at least fought hard. These are empty words for me. I have to wrestle for the top title," he added.

The world's freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers will compete in the world championships that will run through Sept. 22.

The Turkish team, which picked up one silver and one bronze medal in last year's championship, has been training hard for success, which will ultimately help them qualify for next year's Olympics.

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