Iran wants to send ‘peace force’ to observe Syria ceasefire

Published 29.05.2017 00:00
Updated 29.05.2017 16:10

Iran is ready to send a "peace force" to Syria to ensure the continuation of the ceasefire in the country, Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi said Monday.

Speaking at a weekly press conference, Ghasemi said that talks were continuing between the guarantor states of Turkey, Russia and Iran to maintain the ceasefire in Syria's de-escalation zones in Syria.

"With regard to the agreement between us and the accepted roadmap, we are ready to send our peace force to strengthen the truce in the area," Ghasemi said.

Turkey, Iran and Russia agreed on a tripartite mechanism to implement and observe the ceasefire deal in Syria, and signed a memorandum May 4 on creating de-escalation zones in the war-torn country.

Syria has been in a state of intense conflict since war erupted in March 2011, after Bashar al-Assad's regime turned weapons against its own people.

Iran is viewed as the biggest backer of the Assad regime, and has deployed troops and advisors in Syria in addition to providing support to and mobilizing Shiite militants and the Hezbollah group. More than 1,000 Iranians had been killed in the Syrian civil war, including a handful of Iranian generals and senior commanders.

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