Cyberattacks on Turkey above global average

Published 15.11.2014 01:49
Cyberattacks on Turkey above global average

According to data from American cybersecurity foundation Arbor Networks, cyberattacks against Turkey are above the global average. In the first quarter of 2014, while cyberattacks decreased by 68 percent across the globe, attacks against Turkey increased by 6 percent. Attacks against Turkey have mostly been carried out by Russia, the U.S. and Switzerland, respectively.

Political/ideological disagreements are the top reasons – at 33 percent – for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to block Internet services, followed by games-related reasons at 31 percent. DDoS attacks are used to retrieve bank information, to mislead and camouflage the real attack and to hide data hacks after system penetration.

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