Istanbul traffic makes inventive entrepreneurs rich

Published 30.06.2015 19:31
Updated 01.07.2015 11:51

Mobile apps on cell phones make life easier. Some of the most popular apps have recently come from the field of transportation solutions. Inventive entrepreneurs have developed numerous apps concerning Istanbul's world-famous traffic problems. We can use mobile apps for many transportation-related problems ranging from hailing a taxi and filing mobile accident reports to finding a parking space and learning about traffic density. Additionally, those apps have made their software developers rich. According to Turkish Patent Institute data, 715 patent applications valued at TL 65 million ($24.29 million) in total have been made in the last four years. The most interesting apps include:

Parkvar (Parking space available): Users can share the place where they park their vehicles with other people who are looking for parking spaces.

Akıllı güzergâh (Smart route): TRAFI Turkey, which is used for public transportation, provides routes so that the user can easily reach from point A to point B.

Mobil kaza tutanağı (Mobile accident report): More than 36 hours of wasted time dealing with bureaucratic processes have been prevented thanks to this app.

Radara yakalanma (Don't get caught by the radar): Başarsoft's app called the "Safe Driving Guide" sends information about radar points, traffic density, roadwork, accidents and natural events to cell phones.

Takis: A taxi driver looking for a consumer and a consumer looking for a taxi meet in real-time thanks to the BiTaksi app, which has brought a breath of fresh air to Istanbul traffic. Consumers can call a taxi by simply clicking on a button in the app and they can pay in cash or by credit card, BKM Express, PayPal or mobile payment.

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