Future of smart lighting in the hands of entrepreneurs

Published 08.09.2017 23:38
Updated 08.09.2017 23:40
Lampster smart superhero lamp.
Lampster smart superhero lamp.

With the invention of smartphones and voice-controlled lighting systems, entrepreneurs leading the way in this innovative field are sure to shape the future of lighting systems. One of these systems, The Lampster, transforms the light bulbs of old tractors into smart lights for bankers, thanks to the modern LED light bulb

Held in Berlin, Europe's biggest trade show for consumer electronics and smart home devices the IFA Fair is taking the stage to unveil the latest technology in smart home systems. With massive global funding, Kickstarter Projects contribute to the promotion of several projects that aim to reshape the world of portable systems and technology. One of these enterprises, The Lampster, was born in neighboring Romania and is transforming old tractor lamps into smart lighting products. This LED-based lighting system has the capability to provide illuminative lighting that is controlled via smartphone applications.

The concept was born in the innovative research of Radu and Andrew, two Romanian entrepreneurs who managed to raise 1.33 million dollars from 6,148 supporters to realize The Lampster project. Currently, projects from 37 countries worldwide are featured in the IFA Next Hall which is hosting 160 enterprises.

Controlled voice instructionAnother smart lighting project, the South Korean enterprise Lumigent, offers a cutting-edge solution for lighting via voice instruction. The smart table lamp Lumigent is controlled by voice instruction and, using the Amazon Alexa platform, the lamp can move in different directions with four different engines. In addition to its smart lighting function, the lamp can also be used as a camera.

This smart table lamp can recognize on/off instructions in English and has Wi-Fi connection capabilities, while also attracting consumers with its camera feature. Lumigent is not only a smart lighting system but also a portable solution.

At the IFA Fair, personal health technology is another attractive enterprise. Wearable technology, digital health, virtual reality, smart home systems and mobile devices of the future are all exhibited at the fair, which features displays of the said technology forms for fair participants to experience first-hand.

'Tractor' smart lamp

The Lampster has different smart table lamp abilities, ranging from production to use. It transforms old tractor lamps into adorable robotic table lamps with LEDs. The lamp is available for purchase and can be used in tandem with a smartphone application available for download on your Apple or Android device. You can even increase the light level after downloading the Android or iOS application. The Lampster lamp is available in steel or plastic and features an adorable robot form that is suitable for all aesthetic preferences. You can even have your lamp custom designed by visiting the website, www.thelampster.com.

Camera with voice instruction support

Supported by the Alexa voice instruction platform, Lumigent also has an 8-megapixel camera. Thanks to its remote access technology, it is even possible to take a photo from a distance. Also, the pages and the products on the desktop can be transferred to your smartphone using a Wi-Fi connection. The lamp is flexible and can move in many different directions. This South Korean enterprise combines the simple table lamp with innovative camera capabilities.

'Ulak' the new courier

Being able to have your passport delivered or a gift sent to that special someone via a courier service is highly valuable in a busy city like Istanbul. Also, on-time delivery can be of the essence in a city where saving time is crucial. The courier service "Ulak" is one of the most valuable types of personal service companies, because it allows you to save time. With services offered not only in Istanbul but also in İzmir, Ankara and Bursa, the application directs you to its closest courier office and allows you to track your packages moment by moment until delivery. Upon receipt, the sender is informed of the delivery details and can make a payment using a secure credit card payment system. In my opinion, the services offered at Ulak are as innovative as the creators of the enterprise themselves. Ulak's founder Sami Toker is an entrepreneur focused on positivity and problem-solving at Kolektif House. You can even see the details of his personality in the service he developed. Ulak even offers shopping services to meet your needs and make you smile with ease of service. This courier service is based on a point score system and you can complete a customer satisfaction survey, ensuring that you not only save money and time with this service, but also are able to leave valuable feedback for future customers.

After downloading the application on your Android or iOS device, you can make your first delivery easily. Ulak not only offers delivery solutions but also offers a convenient solution to day-to-day delivery problems. For example, if you forget to buy bread at the grocery store, you can simply use Ulak for your everyday shopping needs for everything from bread to baby formula.

Installment-based rent payments

The landlord-tenant relationship is one of the most delicate issues in process management. Landlords require that rent is paid on time. Renters, on the other hand, either try to pay six months' rent in advance, as renters want to keep their irregular financial situations a secret from landlords. Thus, the modern concept of "e-rent" offers you installment options as well as the opportunity to delay payment when necessary in the event of a problem. The E-rent system also provides you with the opportunity to pay your rent via a credit card so you do not have to deal with the delay of weekends, holidays or bank EFT payments. It offers you a way to pay your rent on a pre-set date and allows you to monitor your lease contract via its system. Rather than having to remember how much down payment you paid at the time of move-in, you can have access to this information with this system. Furthermore, you do not have to deal with anything after you log in your data into system for once. At the end of the year, you can confront your landlord with valuable renter point on this service while renewing your contract. In other words, it is a chance for landlords to be able to have a renter using e-rent system.

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