Turkish search engine Yaani reaches 1 million downloads in a week

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Turkish web search engine Yaani reached one million downloads within a week of its launch by Turkcell, Turkey's leading mobile phone operator.

According to Turkcell's statement, since Yaani was first launched on Oct. 25, it has become the most downloaded domestic application ever after the number of downloads reached a million after the first week.

Yaani also became the most downloaded application in the country's application markets in the first 3 days after its release.

The search engine uses a blue evil eye bead icon, which is a unique symbol representing Turkey. The app is designed to understand the unique syntax of Turkish, which reportedly will ensure that Yaani will return better results to searches made in Turkish.

For its initial phase, Yaani has been designed as a mobile app. It sets the bar high in location-based searches, so Yaani users can view the closest sites based on their search location.

In order to promote its usage, Turkcell offers its users one gigabyte of free internet in exchange for downloading Yaani, with the 1GB offer continuing for upcoming months if they continue to use the application.

Another bonus provided by the company is that searches made through the application do not affect the overall internet quotas of subscribers.

With Yaani, Turkcell has added Turkey to the list of countries with their own search engines.

Yaani can be downloaded for free from AppStore and Google Play application stores.

Founded in 1994, Turkcell has some 40 percent market share in Turkey, one of the biggest markets in Europe, with a high percentage of its users from a young population.

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