FIT Expo 2018 kicks off in Izmir with over 150 companies

FIT Expo 2018 kicks off in Izmir with over 150 companies

The Future Industrial Technologies (FIT) Expo 2018 kicked off Thursday in the western Turkish province of Izmir to showcase a wide range of new technologies to guests with the attendance of more than 150 tech firms in the country.

The expo organized by the Turkish company, Bileşim Fuarcılık offers thousands of industrial, software, service, energy, electronics and artificial intelligence solutions by the start-up, midsize and enterprise companies to the attendees. The event will be opened until February 25.

Speaking at the event, Melis Üstün, the head of Bilişim Fuarcılık, said the expo brings a new vision to tech sector in Turkey, adding that her company has always assumed a leading role in innovation.

The company said it wants to create new centers for technologic developments other than Istanbul and that their first stop was Izmir.

Economist Ufuk Tarhan said at the expo that the business world has to transform itself urgently to keep pace with technology and should prepare for tomorrow while saving the day.

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