Online ticket seller Biletix posts data theft

Published 28.06.2018 21:41 Modified 28.06.2018 21:42

Turkey's largest online ticket sales and distribution company Biletix announced yesterday that third parties accessed the personal data and payment information of some of its customers and that they are trying to take precautions in this regard. According to the announcement, it was confirmed that malware was detected on a product of Inbenta, which provides the company with outsourced services, and that some of the Biletix customers were affected by the incident even though the product in question was instantly removed from all Ticketmaster international sites.

Biletix disclosed that the data leakage came from U.S. ticketing company Ticketmaster which acquired 100 percent of the company in 2006. Explaining the situation by sending an e-mail to its customers, Biletix announced that Ticketmaster U.K. detected a malware on Saturday, June 23, 2018 on a product provided by Inbenta Technologies, which offers outsourced services and is used for customer support services. According to the statement, as soon as the malware was detected, the said product was removed from all websites of Ticketmaster.

However, this measure could not prevent some customers from being affected. This product provided by the Spanish artificial intelligence firm Inbenta was used on all Ticketmaster International websites. "The personal data and payment information of some of our customers may have been accessed without permission by unidentified third parties," Biletix said in the statement released following the incident.

"We are sending you this email because you purchased or tried to buy tickets between September 2017 and June 23, 2018. We inform you in order to take maximum precaution, without any evidence that your information has been accessed," the company continued.

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