Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo enters Turkish market

Published 27.12.2018 00:00
Updated 27.12.2018 08:00

The Chinese company Oppo, the world's fifth-largest smartphone manufacturer, has finally stepped into the Turkish market. The firm has opened its Turkey office in Istanbul.

According to the data of U.S.-based research company IDC (International Data Corporation), Oppo, which stood as the fourth-largest telephone brand in the world in 2017 and the fifth-largest in the third quarter of 2018, has officially begun its activities in Turkey. Running operations in 35 countries, Oppo announced the opening of its Turkey office in Ataşehir, Istanbul. Weijian Zhou became the new general manager of Oppo, which has six research centers in different parts of the world. It was also stated that Oppo's smartphone models will soon be available to Turkish consumers.

Founded in 2004, Oppo has been focusing on camera technologies that give weight to selfies in the last decade. According to IDC's third quarter results, Oppo is the fifth-largest player in the global smartphone market. With 30 million phone shipments in the third quarter of this year, Oppo holds a share of 8.4 percent in the market. Meanwhile, another Chinese player, Xiaomi, which is Oppo's immediate rival in the market, has a share of 9.7 percent. According to IDC data, South Korean Samsung ranks first with a share of 20.3 percent, followed by Chinese Huawei with a share of 14.6 percent and U.S.-based Apple with 13.2 percent.

Xiaomi, Oppo's closest rival in both China and the global market, has officially begun its activities in the Turkish market this year as well. So, with Oppo opening its Turkey office, the top five players in the global smartphone market have officially started competing in Turkey.

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