Turkish tech firm inks strategic deal with Samsung

Published 30.03.2019 00:05

One of the leading Turkish conglomerates Koç Holding's subsidiary KoçSistem, which offers digitalization solutions to Turkey's leading brands, has signed a new strategic partnership agreement with South Korean giant Samsung Electronics, one of the largest technology companies in the world.

According to the deal, KoçSistem has become the strategic business partner of Samsung to offer a combination of solutions and device management in Turkey and the nearby geography regarding the technology giant's mobile device family, including smartphones, tablet computers and other wearable mobile devices.

In addition to providing mobile hardware, KoçSistem will enable organizations to integrate innovative digital business solutions into Samsung mobile devices. Thus, along with the supply of devices to Samsung, KoçSistem will provide end-to-end services in all processes from hardware to software integration, and from device management to data center usage.

Koç Holding Tourism, Food and Retail Group Chairman and KoçSistem Chairman Tamer Haşimoğlu stated that they will present their innovative Samsung mobile technologies by combining the special solutions that institutions need in their digital transformation journeys.

According to Haşimoğlu, as a reflection of this strategic partnership, all the companies, which KoçSistem renders services to, will be able to both receive software and security services from KoçSistem and integrate their software into the mobile devices of Samsung that offer cutting-edge technologies to the world.

Highlighting that this agreement will be an important opportunity for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey, Haşimoğlu said, "Backed by KoçSistem, we will bring together innovative mobile solutions, developed by entrepreneurs in Techsquare and Samsung's startup ecosystem, our entrepreneurship platform which develops solutions in areas such as the "internet of things" [IoT], advanced analytics and security, first to our customers. Thus, we will accelerate the speed of the digitalization of our country and institutions in a strong ecosystem nourished by domestic minds and global networks."

Samsung Electronics Turkey Chairman Dae Hyun Kim noted that, thanks to the strategic partnership formed with KoçSistem, Samsung will be presenting its value-oriented solutions, which are in the leading position in the sector, to corporate customers, adding, "At Samsung Electronics, we have long been making positive contributions to Turkey's digitalization agenda. We are pleased that our strategic partnership with KoçSistem will bring this contribution to the next level."

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