'Muhteşem Yüzyıl' producer sues Chinese game developer over trademark violation

Published 04.04.2019 00:40

The production company of the Turkish hit television series "Magnificent Century" ("Muhteşem Yüzyıl"), Tims Productions, has filed a lawsuit against a Chinese company that developed a mobile game named "Magnificent Sultan" on the claim of violating brand rights.

The game has been downloaded by about five million people, Tims Productions lawyer was cited as saying by the Turkish daily Hürriyet. "Our rights have been violated. We want to stop the unlawful acts of the defendant company," he added.

In the lawsuit filed in the Istanbul Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Court, it was stressed that "Magnificent Century" is one of the most recognized TV series and films created by the production company and that "Magnificent Century" has aired in 45 countries to date, reaching approximately 204 million viewers, adding it has also been registered under the plaintiff company. "The ‘Magnificent Century' is not only a brand, but a special work that contains many elements such as script, production, shooting, acting and costume design. ‘Magnificent Century' also is an invaluable asset in commercial terms," the petition further read. Tims Productions' lawyer said that the defendant, Mechanist Internet Technologies, is a Chinese company that copied the TV series and its brand, original score, script, production, costumes, cinematographic elements, narrative, setting design and patterns, characters and actors' visuals without receiving permission and a computer game was developed under the name "Magnificent Sultan."

"This game was released on the mobile platform and downloaded by five million people. In this way, the rights of the producer of the series have been violated," said Tims Productions' lawyer. "Upon being notified of this situation, the defendant Chinese company was contacted and asked to put an end to the unlawful situation. Thereupon, the game's name was changed to ‘Game of Sultans.' The expert said that the rights of Tims Productions have been violated. On Dec. 12, 2018, the court decided to remove the game from the Apple Store and Google Play platforms. However, the defendant's actions continue. We demand suspension of the unlawful acts of the defendant."

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