Companies concerned about customer data grow

Published 11.05.2019 00:03

Smartphones, computers, tablets, screens, sensors and smart devices have become key channels where new generation customers leave their mark. The companies of the future are gathering talented staff that will follow these tracks

The entire digital universe is expected to reach 44 zettabytes by 2020. This means 40 times more bytes than the stars in the observable universe. Some 500 million tweets and 294 billion emails are sent daily in the world. Four petabytes of data are created on Facebook and four terabytes of data are obtained from each connected vehicle. Over 65 billion messages are sent via WhatsApp and 5 billion calls are made. When the world is transformed into a huge data center, the future of companies that bring talents eyeing this data to the organization is brighter. Companies that follow this transformation originating from the customer will survive. Organizations that have realized this and turned the direction of a giant software company such as Microsoft to corporate data and cloud-based business culture achieve success. Microsoft offers solutions to corporations as part of the change in global vision.

Nearly 95 percent of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) investing in technology in Turkey are increasing their productivity, while 93 percent are reducing the costs of business processes. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), around 66 percent of SMEs in Turkey are expected to move to the cloud in the next three years. Microsoft Turkey Deputy General Manager Tarık Tüzünsu said that in light of these figures, they constantly talk about the data that grow in type and size."It is necessary to extract useful predictions from the data and transform the data into power. For this, an innovative culture should be developed in both individuals and institutions. For digital transformation, SMEs need to undergo a cultural transformation," Tüzünsu said. "SMEs that use data smartly, make the right investment in data, evaluate data and reach the right result will be successful in Industry 4.0. From cloud to artificial intelligence (AI), from the 'internet of things' (IoT) to machine learning: All new technologies should be considered as tools for creating a data culture."

Tüzünsu emphasized the strengthening of our country in the cloud-computing axis. "We launched our Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) initiative to create a leap in this area for our SMEs. Together with our business partners, we visited SMEs in Anatolia and developed tailor-made solutions to their needs and achieved success stories. The number of SMEs using Microsoft Office, which was 15-16,000 before this platform, reached 100,000 with CSP," he said. "In two years, we aim to reach 200,000 SMEs. When the technology use of SMEs in Turkey increases by 10 percent, an additional $15 billion and 360,000 new employment opportunities are created. At Microsoft, we work to make people and companies convert terabyte-size data into revenue sources.

Collecting, automating and categorizing data are important steps. However, the key to success is to understand why data is important or to create insights about how it can be used."

Trillion-dollar data economy

The total value of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Alphabet and Microsoft is more than the sum of the U.K. economy.

Investors guess that these companies are worth $3.5 trillion. Today, 60 percent of advertising expenses are on digital platforms (mainly Facebook and Google). By 2019, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) position had been created in 90 percent of large companies with increasing digitalization. These companies earn more than $800 billion every year, almost as much as Turkey's $850 billion economy.

Smart assistant comes with new devices

Google's Google I/0 2019 event brought together software developers from around the world, featuring smarter Google Assistant and services, the new Pixel 3A phone and the Nest Hub Max smart screen.

Giant platform technology companies announced new software, hardware and services for software developers for a smarter future. Google brought together software developers, partners and press members at Google I/O 2019 to introduce smarter software, smart Google Assistant, map, service, Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL phones and the Nest Hub Max smart screen. Software developers had the chance to see the new features coming with the Android Q update for the first time. With the regular activities held every year, thousands of software developers, corporations and entrepreneurs are presented with innovations offered by the Google platform and sample solutions developed with business partners, restoring trust in this regard.

Affordable phone

Google introduced its affordable Android phone option Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL, which are not yet available for sale in Turkey, for the first time. The phone, which will be available in the U.S. for $399, will take its place in the market in cooperation with operators that avoid Chinese brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi. Instead of raising the price of the phone unlike its rivals, Google's new phone is in the $399 to $479 price range with a camera offering good performance in low light. Pixel phones offer a good photo and video experience with a single camera and more artificial Intelligence-supported software. However, for a reasonable price, you need to give up some features like a more powerful processor, wireless charging and waterproofing.

Smarter assistant

New camera and smart screens for home users under the Google Nest umbrella also drew attention. Nest Hub Max, which will be available in the U.S. for $229, brings the smart screen and camera together. It is easier to see and manage everything with the camera and management screen at home. The 10-inch screen and speaker can be used to look at photos or videos and manage smart services. With Nest Hub Max, which features smart speakers and Google Assistant, it is possible to watch video services like Netflix and YouTube. In Turkey, operators such as Türk Telekom cooperate with brands to launch Android-based, affordable phones. Türk Telekom continues to offer the IoT and cloud services to its corporate customers.

Update phones faster

Google also introduced its new mobile operating system Android Q. Having promised faster phone-related error and security updates, Google announced the updates of applications and services, such as Google Maps, Google Lens and Google Assistant. The Android Q operating system, currently in use with the Beta version, should be used with new devices starting in September.

Star-studded entrepreneurship festival

StarsUp'19 organized by Yıldız Teknopark and Yıldız Technical University Quality and Productivity Club took place on May 2-3. The event brought together dozens of startups and students with a different concept that merged opportunities and entertainment. Experienced entrepreneurs who took the stage at Stars Up'19 shared their experiences with young people.

At the event where more than 20 speakers were present, many formidable business people such as Hepsiburada Sales Manager Ziya Kızıltan, M3 Works founder Erdem Genç, and Colendi Chief Operating Office Mihriban Ersin came together with the students. Success stories, entrepreneurship, and e-commerce issues were discussed at the event, which started with morning sports. Companies that provide services in many fields such as insurance, education, games, food and beverage sponsored the event and opened booths, while students had the opportunity to get acquainted with companies and exchange ideas. Young people, who wished to have fun while getting ready to climb the career ladder, enjoyed the festival atmosphere in the giant garden and expanded their network.

Weekend innovation for corporate employees

Corporate employees come to ITU MAGNET, an advanced entrepreneurship center at Istanbul Technical University's ARI Teknokent, to develop their own startups outside of business hours. People already working in a workplace will be able to use ITU MAGNET alone or as a team to carry out their startups with the Evening & Weekend membership.

ITU MAGNET is launching a new program for those currently working in a workplace and looking to start their own start-up company for their next job. With the ITU MAGNET Evening & Weekend package, employees will be able to use the shared seats of ITU MAGNET in the context of a special membership program. If their start-up ideas are compatible with ITU MAGNET, members can use ITU MAGNET weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm and 24 hours on weekends. Thus, while sharing a suitable space to start their own business, entrepreneurs will be supported by the mentoring program and receive guidance on basic issues to avoid problems with their existing workplaces and collaborate with corporate customers and investors when they are ready.

ITU ARI Teknokent General Manager Deniz Tunçalp said ITU MAGNET has provided services to scale-oriented startups that have left their beginning phase behind, started to work with a team, acquired customers, took venture capital investment and wanted to move to the growth phase. "With this program, we are developing the service area of ITU MAGNET through startups looking for a suitable environment to establish a future business," Tunçalp said. "With ITU MAGNET FAB, we launched one of Turkey's first digital plants for hardware entrepreneurs to manufacture prototypes a few months ago. Now with the Evening & Weekend Package, we are happy to develop the center's domain further."

Albaraka Garaj initiates the third period

Albaraka Türk has launched the third period for new entrepreneurs in Albaraka Garaj where it has added pre-acceleration to its structure to support more entrepreneurs. Applications starting from May 7, especially for technology-based startups, continue until June 23.

Albaraka General Manager Melikşah Utku said that they aim to support more entrepreneurs, noting that they have supported 19 startups so far, implemented joint projects with six and invested in three ventures. By adding pre-acceleration to the structure of the Albaraka Garaj Center, which was established to experience and implement high-efficiency innovation models, Albaraka Türk has initiated the third period for start-ups for innovative projects and projects.

Utku said that they have implemented six projects through Albaraka Garaj. "In the two years since we established Albaraka Garaj, we've received more than 1,000 applications, supported 19 entrepreneurs and implemented six projects," Utku said, listing their major projects as biometric signatures, the gaming of sales and collection, chatbots, VR-supported education and mobile payment solutions.

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