New technology startups changing our way of life

Published 31.08.2019 00:25
Thanks to technology startups, new applications make smartphones more than just addictive devices by making life easier in many ways.
Thanks to technology startups, new applications make smartphones more than just addictive devices by making life easier in many ways.

Just as startups like Uber, BiTaksi, Google and Facebook have changed our way of life, new startups in health, education, shopping and work are transforming our lifestyle

Our habits are changing in shopping, health, education and more. New applications that make the smartphone more than just a rough addictive device come into our lives thanks to technology startups. For years, Internet giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Google had shaped our lives. Startups, such as Yemeksepeti, BiTaksi, Getir, GittiGidiyor and Sahibinden, were later added to the global giants. Now, startups in many areas from health to education continue to change the way of life.

The Kunduz app that changes education habits is a sound example in this regard. Basar Başaran, Melih Şener and Barış Bilgiç, the founders of Kunduz, a mobile exam preparation application created by three school friends, were classmates at İzmir Science High School and later at Boğaziçi University. Başar, Melih and Barış, who developed Kunduz's technology with their studies at Stanford University, as well as Boğaziçi University, now aim to make Kunduz available worldwide, especially in India and the U.S.

13 different courses

Kunduz enables students to ask their questions at any time in 13 different courses. Prepared by Kunduz tutors with a guaranteed 100% solution in 10 minutes on average, the answers to the questions are sent to the phone visually. In addition to sending questions, students can also benefit from the "Question Bank" available on the app. The app's home screen has a camera function that allows you to take photos directly. After preparing the question image, the student chooses the related course and sends the question.

Shopping experience changes

Shopping is changing not only for the consumer but also for the store employee. The store employee can solve all the needs of the customer through the cloud-based information panel, meaning that the store employee turns into a consultant.

Therefore, the customer who comes to the store is given better quality service. İsteGelsin, which distributes food to 98% of Istanbul intending to change the fresh food shopping experience, delivers fruits, vegetables and meats stored in cold stores to the user without breaking the cold chain.

Smartphones help students prep for exams

As mobile applications are now taking the place of private lessons, smartphones can serve as helpful tools for your children to prepare for exams. The students can easily get answers to the questions they are unable to solve within minutes by asking the tutors while studying and preparing for an exam. Moreover, it is possible to do all this with a smartphone. While preparing for the exams, students now benefit from course videos and virtual libraries. But there is still a need for support for difficulties in solving questions. Preparing for exams with the mobile application Kunduz, which is an alternative to basic high schools and private courses that serve as classrooms in the new system, is more cost-effective and more efficient. Kunduz, the easiest way to prepare for an exam, is a mobile application that allows students to get the solutions of the questions they cannot solve with a single button. The user takes a picture of the problem, sends it to Kunduz, and the solution is delivered to the mobile phone within minutes. It is possible to download Kunduz, which is the companion of students preparing for Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS), High School Entrance Exam (LGS), Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS), and Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam (ALES), free of charge from the App Store and Google Play. It is possible to use Kunduz on devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

Computer performance increases with cooling tech

The HEL uses innovative liquid cooling technology to cool a high-performance computer. The HEL project, which is supported by the Chamber of Commerce's (İTO) Information Commercialization Center startup support program, is used in computer games and commercial applications that require high graphics performance. HEL integrates the liquid cooling technology into laptops and desktops. The simple and easy-to-use design of liquid cooling technology makes it easy to connect to a desktop or laptop computer. The product in the prototype stage is waiting to be realized with future investments.

App to increase store employee's ability

The shopping experience in the store is changing. However, the consumer wants to solve everything with the salesperson in the store.

Shopi is a cloud-based solution developed to increase in-store efficiency of retail companies. With Shopi, which offers solutions to increase the salesperson's productivity in three main categories, namely Sales Operations, Employee Productivity and Store Operations, the retailers can provide customized services by digitizing all the in-store processes of their customers. The startup, supported by Türk Telekom's venture acceleration program Pİlot, can monitor the performance of sales consultants and centralize all retail channels without interruption, allowing them to manage inter-channel orders regardless of the store or device where the order is placed.

Fresh food instantly at your door

İsteGelsin, which allows easy and fast grocery shopping without wasting time, enables the products of Turkey's top quality and reliable brands to be accessed at supermarket prices.

The application available on App Store and Google Play provides a new generation of grocery shopping experience and offers the advantage of delivering the fruits, vegetables and meats stored in the cold stores without breaking the cold chain, to your door at the desired time. The application, which has a wide product portfolio consisting of hundreds of brands and thousands of varieties, offers its users a fast and easy market shopping experience free of problems such as alternative product selection, stock problem, and expiration date.

Revo Startup Camp to teach growth to startups

Revo Capital's Revo Startup Camp, organized at Levent Kolektifhouse on Sept. 3-5, offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to accelerate and expand abroad.

Revo Capital continues its activities to bring technology entrepreneurs together with investors and accelerate them through Revo Startup Camp. The most successful startups to be selected among the startups that will be on the stage after the training to be given by the experts for two days in the event and will participate in the Startup Wise Guys acceleration program. Mentoring support will be given to the startups participating in the camp, which will turn into an open event after the two-day closed session.

Large institutions support new ideas

Revo Startup Camp, is one of the largest venture capital funds in Turkey and will support technology entrepreneurs who want to attract the attention of international investors to accelerate their business and grow in overseas markets.

Entrepreneurs who applied to participate in the event to be organized in cooperation with Startup Wise Guys, one of Europe's leading enterprise acceleration programs, will receive training from Revo Capital and Startup Wise Guys teams on presentation techniques, marketing, and innovative growth methods for two days and participate in mentoring sessions.

Camping in Lithuania and Estonia

On the last day of the event, presentations and speeches from leading entrepreneurs will guide startups to expand their business. At the same time, the most successful startup to be selected among the entrepreneurs who will make short presentations on entrepreneurial ideas, growth goals, and methods will be eligible to participate in the Startup Wise Guys acceleration program. Depending on the nature of the competing startups, the number of those to be included in the acceleration program can reach up to three. The winners will receive a cash investment of 30,000 euros (approximately $33,133) and participate in the Estonia camp.

Large institutions support new ideas

Turkey's large institutions are also striving to implement special projects in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. "Inowhatif with Tüpraş" program is carried out with KWORKS – the Koç University Entrepreneurship Research Center, which is one of the most important centers of entrepreneurship in Turkey.

"Inowhatif with Tüpraş" is designed as an acceleration program that supports startups in the areas that they need to help them develop their business and prepares them to meet the potential needs of today and future in a large industrial company. Startups that are eligible to participate in the program will gain unique experiences on scaling their startups thanks to the five-month acceleration program including a one-month trial period.

Open innovation camp paves way for Hacknbreak

The HacknBreak event continues to host young people who are curious about technology in an open-air event.

HacknBreak brings together hundreds of tech-savvy young people in an open-air innovation camp event with 150 speakers in Urla, İzmir. This intensive program focuses on the digital transformation and entrepreneurial ecosystem of each institution from technoparks to banks, from apparel to automotive. As a result of the evaluations made following the application stage, entrepreneurs of all ages, scientists, industry professionals, experts and mentors come together at training, workshops, conferences and interviews in deep technology entrepreneurship, information security, blockchain, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, biomimicry, architecture, design, success and failure stories and many more issues.

150 speakers

About 150 speakers participate in training, workshops and seminars in OpenCampus Urla throughout the week. During the event, which will continue until Aug. 31, young people will have the chance to demonstrate their skills in a pleasant environment. The HacknBreak open innovation camp organizes Turkey's most comprehensive and interdisciplinary Smart and Sustainable Cities Ideathon, which focuses on the 17-item Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, particularly on the subject of Sustainable Cities and Living Spaces.

Ideathon is organized with the participation of people and working groups from dozens of different disciplines and experiences on issues such as transportation, environment, urban agriculture, street animals, housing, qualified education, equal access to food and health, and disaster management. The Ideathon-awarded projects will be shared with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and other metropolitan municipality administrations and related units.

HacknBreak will also provide information and experience on critical issues such as technology development, investment, production, market launch, internal and external information, accelerating technology transfer, joint venture and commercialization.

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