Iran invites Turkish firms to invest in its tourism sector

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Iran is calling on Turkish investors to build hotels to boost the country's tourism sector, Turkey's tourism minister said Friday.

Mahir Ünal, Turkey's culture and tourism minister, spoke to Anadolu Agency during his visit to Iran, which aims to develop tourism ties between the two countries.

Ünal stated his Iranian counterparts are looking to build some 10 new hotels to boost the country's tourism sector.

"Turkish businesses will invest in Iran if the country's legal infrastructure is made suitable", he added.

He also stated that this year so far the number of Iranian tourists visiting Turkey rose 7 percent, stressing that charter and scheduled flights have a direct impact on tourist numbers.

Ünal said Iran and Turkey agreed on Thursday to raise direct flight numbers as the countries signed a memorandum of understanding towards enhancing cooperation in the field of tourism.

The document contains agreements on informing potential Turkish investors on the opportunities in Iran, and Turkey sharing its experience in the areas of planning, promotion, training, and classification. It also is designed to encourage mutual visits by nationals of both countries.

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