German Bild newspaper recommends Turkey as attractive vacation spot

Published 09.06.2016 23:06

According to a report in German newspaper Bild this week, in comparison with other vacation spots, in particular Spain and Portugal, Turkey has more alluring vacation advantages for families with children in terms of prices and vacancies.

Bild's report highlighted that for last-minute decision makers vacationing in Spain and Portugal will be expensive and hotels will be full, meaning less attractive hotel room options would be available; however, it emphasized that a vacation in Turkey costs 40 percent less in comparison to those countries. The report said the services and prices in Turkey cannot be found from another destination in Europe.

Bild also reported that the discounts and other offers by hotels in Antalya and Turkey in general are being promoted by German travel agencies, and this will more than likely show in an increase in the number of visitors to the country.

A written announcement made by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality mentioning Mayor Menderes Türel's visit to the Bild newspaper in Germany says the visit contributed to the awareness of Antalya's attractiveness as a vacation spot in the German press.

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