Turkish tourism sector bounces back after Gülenist coup attempt

Turkish tourism sector bounces back after Gülenist coup attempt

Tourism officials have said tourism was disrupted in the Aegean region's prominent tourism destinations, i.e., the Kuşadası and Didim districts, due to the Gülenist Terror Organization's (FETÖ) coup attempt for the first couple of days after, but the sector has recently showed signs of recovery.

Ercüment Alkaner, Chairman of Didim Tourism Association, said hotel reservations have not been canceled in Didim. Alkaner noted that all hotels' staff in Didim took on a huge responsibility in the aftermath of the failed coup attempt on July 15 and they made sure customers were not disrupted by approaching the situation with caution.

Stressing that mobility of local tourists was maintained at a normal level, Alkaner said: "Especially since the domestic market is mobile, the number of local tourists is high, but the number of foreign tourists is low. Our current foreign customers are on hold. We contacted their tour operators and agencies. Flights will continue as planned. Nothing is canceled." Pointing out that the customers that would come from nearby regions were being checked in, Alkaner said the risk of the coup attempt hurting the Turkish tourism sector was pretty high, but this attempt was squashed and the tourism sector started gradually putting itself together. The activity in Altınkum, one of the district's most important beaches, was observed to be the same as before.

Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) Kuşadası Regional Executive Board Chairman Fahrettin Çiçek said Turkey had been pulled back from the edge of a cliff, so to speak, by protecting its democracy.

Stressing that they, tourism officials, also resisted against the coup attempt, Çiçek said Turkey's powerful image should be reflected to abroad as soon as possible.

"Officials should make statements about Turkey's next move, that will ease the world public opinion," Çiçek said, continuing, "It is really crucial for our government to improve Turkey's image in and outside the country as soon as possible."

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