Istanbul New Airport Sustainability Report complies with standards of Global Reporting Initiative

Published 14.04.2017 19:46
Updated 24.04.2017 14:22

IGA published a Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, which considers the sustainability activities done during the construction of the Istanbul New Airport.

According to a written statement released by IGA Airport Construction, Istanbul New Airport's Sustainability Report has been completed. The report has also prepared in full compliance with the sustainability standards set forth by Global Reporting Initiative, which was established as an independent institution so as to provide a roadmap for institutional actors working in the field of sustainability.

With this report, Istanbul New Airport will present the projects, conducted in the field of sustainability, to its stakeholders, within the framework of international standards.

Through the 2016 Sustainability Report, prepared in light of the GRI G4 principles, IGA aims to make a strong contribution to the development of a sustainability culture as well as sustainable development in Turkey. Likewise, IGA is reporting on its practices and their ability to meet the international standards of corporate governance, environmental sustainability, workforce and social management.

IGA CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu, in his statement, described sustainability as a cultural characteristic for IGA.

"With our sustainability principle, we evaluate our decisions in terms of environmental, social and economic aspects, always aiming for better. We want to show the whole world how an airport, exemplary in all its aspects, can be built. That's why we carried out meticulous studies following international standards," Akçayoğlu said.

It was also reported that sustainability plans for Istanbul New Airport, where construction continues, have been designed to cover the operating period within the framework of continuous development.

Meanwhile, with regards to Istanbul New Airport, Lufthansa Turkey General Manager Kemal Geçer said, it will generate huge gains for the aviation sector, stressing that it will be important for the airport to offer the advantage of its geographical position and comfort to passengers.

Evaluating the new airport, currently under construction in Istanbul, Geçer said that he recently had an opportunity to visit the construction site and assess the project. Pointing out the magnitude of the project with thousands of people working on the construction site, Geçer said, "I was really impressed with the endeavor. It will be a very good project for Turkey and generate huge gains for its aviation sector. It will also be an advantage for many airline companies."Geçer also added that Lufthansa flights, with their current state, will be transported to the new airport while new flights will be added to the schedule, depending on demands.

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