THY chairman: Free laptops for business, free Wi-Fi for economy passengers

Published 21.04.2017 01:29

Speaking to journalists at Atatürk Airport, Turkish Airlines (THY) Chairman İlker Aycı said the company is working to provide more developed on-board entertainment to passengers affected by the electronic ban and THY plans to provide free laptops for business passengers and free Wi-Fi for economy class passengers.

Aycı stated that they will bring some innovations and surprises to passengers after the ban on carrying electronic devices during flights by the U.S. and the U.K. Stressing that they are developing their in-flight entertainment system for the said passengers by gradually introducing innovations, Aycı said that in addition to providing laptops for business passengers who hand over their laptops, they are also working to provide economy passengers with free wi-fi.

"We are doing our best to re-deliver the laptops to the passengers in the safest way. We are constantly increasing our operational safety in this area. I also thank our passengers for their patience in this regard," Aycı said, while saying that the number of passengers and reservations increased in April.

Regarding Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Aslan's announcement on the placement of high quality search devices right before the flight for electronic devices, Aycı said they are working together with all the relevant authorities on the issue, adding that the new steps to be taken in the coming period will also make life easier and pave the way for the future.

"Our contacts with our foreign counterparts continue. We are trying to do our best with our business partners. I thank them all. My view has always been the same. I do not believe that such irrational decisions can live for a long time," Aycı said, underlining that in the end, these decisions will be softened and completely eliminated since there was no rationality behind the decision, which further entrenched inequalities. Aycı stated that in a world driven by the free market economy, "everyone knows what kind of consequences this kind of move will bring when trying to pave the way for free trade with several trade agreements."

"For this reason, I think that such irrational calculations will come to an end. Bans will be lifted. They will be lifted eventually. People's freedom of free trade, free travel and life will be respected," Aycı concluded.

The referendum result will benefit both Turkey and THY Evaluating the outcome of Sunday's referendum, THY Chair Aycı said the result of the referendum will increase stability and will spark a recovery in the tourism industry that will positively affect THY.

"We said ‘we would take off after the referendum' prior to the referendum. I hope the "yes" vote will be beneficial to our country, our company and our citizens," Aycı said, noting that he was pleased that Turkey has proven its belief in democracy once again. Pointing out that it was a referendum held in a peace and safety, seen by the whole world, Aycı noted that another step has been taken toward building the future in a better way following the referendum.

Indicating that "THY's path is now open," Aycı said that there will be more stability in Turkey and the number of visitors will increase again.

"I think tourism will recover quickly because the economy grows where there is stability. It is important that the investments continue, as well as the employment of our youth. I think that our agenda should be to make the best use of the continuing stability in our country by applying the politics and solutions we produce in this issue in the best way," Aycı said, adding that there is a clear path for recovery and improvement ahead.

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