Kuşadası cruising to a profitable holiday season

Published 07.06.2017 22:14

Kuşadası, the cruise tourism center of Turkey, has had a productive start to the holiday season.

On June 6, three cruise ships docked at Ege Ports, bringing 2,920 tourists, mostly British and U.S. citizens, and 1,610 crew members.

The Thomson Dream docked with 1,600 passengers, consisting mainly of British and American citizens, and 835 crew members, while another 1,200 passengers, mostly British, and some 700 crew members arrived on the Celestial Olympia. Finally, Windstar, ranked in the elite ship category, arrived with 120 passengers and 75 crew members. Almost all the passengers and crew members explored Kuşadası and participated in various tours and went shopping.

Ege Ports General Director Aziz Güngör said that they expect to host 20,000 passengers and 8,000 crew members on 18 scheduled cruise ships in June. He stressed that cruise tourism was a vital part of Kuşadası, as the most revenue-generating mass tourism segment for the city and the region.

Pointing to Kuşadası as the capital of cruise tourism in Turkey, with its historical and natural charm, Güngör said, "We will go through this troubled process, experienced due to reasons beyond our control, hand in hand. Our public officials are very sensitive about this. We are also working to ensure high-quality services for the ships and their passengers."

He said residents and tradesmen in Kuşadası were welcoming tourists in the best way possible, with traditional Turkish hospitality.

"Thus, I believe that we will go through this challenging process hand in hand in a short time," he added.

Güngör also noted that treats and little gifts, to be offered to tourists while shopping, would bring satisfaction and serve as a symbol of beautiful memories in Kuşadası.

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