Norwegians launch campaign for Turkish tourism

Published 24.08.2017 00:50

Norwegians have reacted to airline companies and travel agencies reducing flights and tours to Turkey and selling flight tickets at high prices. Having launched a campaign on social media, Norwegians wanted tourism companies to increase capacity, especially in 2018.

A campaign initiated on Facebook to voice annoyance under the hashtag #JaJegReiser (YesIamgoing) has reached half a million people so far.

Those who supported the campaign, initiated by Steinar Johansen, 67, and a student of communication named Çınar Şimşek, have complained of the low number of flights and high ticket prices.

A user on a Facebook page called Alanya Scandinavian Community (Alanya Skandinaviske i Samfunn Alanya), which has more than 10,000 followers, wrote: "What can I do if airlines and charter companies cut off all the roads?" and another suggested a direct complain should be conveyed to travel companies.

Other followers of the page wrote: "It is time for people to understand that there is not a war in Turkey and it is safe to visit the country," "Here in Norway winter is cold, I recommend warm coast in the far south" and "I returned from Alanya two weeks ago and I am looking forward to going again."

Travel agencies and the Norwegian press have not remained indifferent to the campaign listing complaints and showing interest in Turkey.

Norwegian national newspapers ABC Nyheter gave wide coverage to the campaign. In an interview with the newspaper, Johansen said Norwegians would like to tell travel agencies and airline companies that they want to go to Turkey. Johansen said that he went to Alanya six years ago for the first the time and that he has been visiting Turkey both in summer and winter since then, and referred to the friendliness and helpfulness of Turkish people.

Nora Aspegren, a tourism company representative, said they are observing an increase in Norwegians' interest in Turkey toward the end of summer, adding that they would increase their capacity by 25 percent for summer 2018.

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