TANAP renovates local schools to boost tourism in central Anatolian province

Published 27.12.2018 00:00
Updated 27.12.2018 08:00

One of the most important multinational gas pipeline projects, the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP), also contributes to the social and cultural sustainability of areas through which it passes in Turkey. Recently, TANAP carried out a project that aims to contribute to the region's tourism potential by transforming idle rural schools into social facilities. As part of the project, two old schools in Eskişehir's Yazdere and Çukurca villages were renovated and opened for service.

In a statement from TANAP, the company will contribute to the development of the Phrygian Valley as a tourism center by ensuring the transformation of 17 village schools in Eskişehir's Seyitgazi district into social as part of social and environmental investment programs.

As such, two schools in the villages of Yazdere and Çukurca were opened for service with a ceremony attended by TANAP General Manager Saltuk Düzyol, TANAP Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) Director Fatih Erdem and Seyitgazi Mayor Hasan Kalın.

TANAP General Manager Düzyol stressed that they aim to support the economic and social development of all cities on the pipeline route. "The Phrygian Valley has serious tourism potential with its natural and cultural assets," Düzyol said. "We are pleased to contribute to one of the important stages of the Seyitgazi Municipality's project to develop this potential in the region."

Seyitgazi Mayor Hasan Kalın said that TANAP supports tourist, sociocultural and economic development of the region with this project, noting that they aim to transform the trekking route called the Phrygian Road into a tourism destination by reviving it with tourism activities and contribute to the preservation of traditions in the neighborhoods where the project will be realized on the Phrygian Valley route. "We want to pave the way for the population migrating to the city with economic concerns to come back to the village with the increasing potential of income as a result of the project to be carried out," he added.

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